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We collect personal information from you, including information about your:

  • Legal Name.

  • Contact Information.

  • Interactions with us.

  • Billing Information.

We collect your personal information in order to:


  • Act as your Agent for agreed services on your building project.

  • Improve our sales and marketing process.

Besides our team, we share this information with:


  • Territorial authorities in order to obtain the consents required for your project.

  • Consultants in order to provide specific design (if required).

  • Contractors in order to provide quotes/tenders for projects (if required).

Providing your personal information is optional, however if you choose not to enter the required
personal information, we may be unable to provide the services you require.

You have the right to ask for a copy of any personal information we hold about you, and to ask
for it to be corrected if you think it is wrong. If you’d like to ask for a copy of your information, or
to have it corrected, please contact us at:

Privacy Officer
AP Design Ltd
PO Box 281
Christchurch 8140

Email Us :

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